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Hello, and welcome to your next long-awaited installment of ZFYI. We’re very pleased to continue to offer this monthly-esque periodic bi-seasonal resource for our musings, insights and generally cool stuff. We enjoyed putting it together. We hope you’ll enjoy reading it.

The impact of color on your workplace productivity.

By Cary A. Zartman
Do me a quick favor. Look up from your monitor, take note of the space you’re in, and consider the effect that the most dominant color you see is having on you. (Go ahead. I’ll wait.) Is the color one that energizes you, or does it sooth you instead? Whatever its impact, if you’re in your office–it probably says a LOT about the ways you conduct your day-to-day business. Read on...

Cary. In his bathroom. On HGTV.
Cary on HGTVYou’ve heard the rumors. This is it. The design skills of the Z Factory Czar are showcased in “Look What I Did” on HGTV, Monday January 22nd at 6pm ET/PT.
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Z FACTS: Simplify your life and opt out of bad advertising.
By Faron S. Greenfield
Even good advertising is bad advertising if it’s unwanted. Reduce the clutter! Find out more...

Things we didn’t do,
but wish we did.

There’s no shame in coveting thy neighbor’s creative. This rocks.
Z Snap!*
7-Eleven recently announced their sponsorship of myriad Chicago sports teams. Among the numerous promotions and tie-ins… weeknight White Sox home games will now begin at 7:11pm. Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.
*Z Snap is a registered motion of
Z Factory and may not be used without prior permission.

So you decided to paint.
Now what?

The editors of DOMINO Magazine have created an ingenius decorator calculator to help you figure out just the right amount of paint you’ll need to speed up the engines in that office of yours.
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