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Find a need, then build a business. That’s what we did when it came to creating this tourism-based beauty. When you live within pitching distance of an iconic sports landmark that attracts hundreds of thousands of people year-round, you get stopped more than a few times and asked if there’s a good place to eat. Or drink. Or insert-other-way-to-pass-the-time-enjoyably here. So what better answer is there than to pull back the neighborhood curtain and introduce your guests to some of the local favorites?

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With an inaugural-year run of 10,000, we developed a pocket-sized guidebook that could conveniently pull double-duty as a handy roadmap with neighborhood insights AND an in-park megaphone for offering an umpire your, umm... "suggestions." It was distributed outside of Wrigley Field before home games, at both downtown locations for the Chicago Visitor's Center, and throughout the Wrigleyville neighborhood by participating merchants.

Year Two took the program online and onto the laptops of a much larger audience, providing fans with much greater access to up-to-date schedules, interactive maps, and valuable offers from area businesses. Then, with the foundation established and the framework firmly in place – the next year blew open the e-doors to embrace other wonderful cities throughout the U.S. with equally vibrant ballpark neighborhoods just waiting to be explored.


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