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Sustainable Forestry

Branding for an environmentally responsible and internationally endorsed certification program supporting well-maintained forests.
To see a more in-depth exploration of the SFI branding, click here.


c. marie


C. Marie Designs

Branding for a new urban interior and exterior design business, including the development of its own custom typeface. To see a more in-depth exploration of the complete C. Marie Designs branding, click here.

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Low-Line Market

Branding for a new urban farmers market located conveniently at the exit of a CTA Brown Line station, and timed to capitalize on foot traffic from evening commute. This identity draws inspiration from the mass transit mapping system, while hinting at the fun of market tents and banners.


illinois lottery


Illinois Lottery

This rebranding Top 10 finalist, dubbed "Coin Dance," was part of a statewide competition to commemorate the Illinios Lottery’s 25th anniversary.


c. marie



Branding for a new line of children’s playtime products, coming soon.


c. marie



Rebranding for one of the world’s best-known sweeteners. The swirl provided the backdrop – both visually and strategically – for a brand update that captured a more playful fun in treating yourself... without adding calories. To see a more in-depth exploration of the NutraSweet branding and packaging update, click here.

c. marie



Branding for the launch of OptionRATS, a company that provides options professionals with timely trading information. Which makes them angels-in-waiting when it involves the proper management of your money.


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Out of the Ballpark

The identifying of a local-to-national brand. Global, if you consider it the World Wide Web. To see a more in-depth exploration of the full Out of the Ballpark brand, click here.


c. marie



Branding effort–including name and logo creation – for this New Business Development company. Since Linkergy often works invisibly between a company and the company’s prospects, the natural solution seemed to be having an "L" form in the negative space between two destined-to-fit pieces. To see a more in-depth exploration of the full Linkergy brand, click here.





Branding for one of Z Factory’s many, MANY random business thoughts and creative outlets. To learn more about this line of products, click here.


c. marie


Aerie Hotels & Resorts

Did you know that an aerie is the nest of a bird, such as an eagle, built on a cliff or other high place? Well, it’s also a handsome logo for a resort where you might see one.

c. marie


McCormick Place

Proposed rebranding for Chicago’s preeminent convention facility, a big beast of a box often viewed alongside the city’s more shapely skyline and lakefront.

c. marie



Proposed rebranding for a national network of independent real estate companies whose intent is to establish the gold star standard for relocation and placement services.


c. marie


RP Supply Chain

Supply chains are funny things. If they’re working correctly, you never know they exist. But who wants an identity so easily overlooked? Not these guys. And by creating a mark that perfectly syncs the letters R and P, you illustrate what it means to have everything running seamlessly.


Logos In Action

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