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Enova Benefits Enrollment Campaign

Captive audience: check. Important information: double check. Sexy prospect: not so much. So how do you engage an internal audience to participate in the managing of their own employment benefits? Well, you start by engaging them with some very bold visuals and messaging.

enova benefits



Building upon the look and success established for the Enova 101 recruitment pieces, Z Factory began working with the Enova Human Resources department to develop like-minded approaches to engage their audience. At left are online and print brochures that did the heavy lifting of communicating all of the admittedly dry but necessary details of the program.

enova benefits posters


Roll over the image at left to see how the posting changed.

The campaign was split into two phases: a pre-enrollment period, and then the actual we-are-open-for-business enrollment period.

Teaser signage went up the week before in elevator banks and common areas, all with the intention of capturing an employee’s attention at every turn in order to ensure that participation was high for a task that often ranks very low.

In an effort to save on printing costs –  and to better manage the time of a small department during a very busy time – enrollment posters were designed in two pieces at budget-friendly dimensions. The bottom poster went up first, and the top poster was then added onto it – doubling the impact and adding new messaging at the time when it was ready to be shared.



Don’t shy away from talking to your audience in provocative ways and in all the places they might be found. These messaging locations were definitely something new for the company, reaching people at the urinals (left) and inside each toilet stall (right).

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