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NutraSweet Packaging Redesign

Getting the assignment to redesign an iconic consumer brand makes you immediately think two things: one, be very grateful; and two, don’t screw it up.

NutraSweet was the industry leader that introduced us to the “blue” category of artificial sweeteners, and after 25 years wanted to reclaim its dominance – but it needed to be able to do it without the weight of a national ad campaign behind it. So a simple package refresh wasn’'t going to cut it. This assignment called for bold thinking and a bold graphic approach.

on-shelf packaging



A good client lets you design something that looks great and fits comfortably ON the shelf. An exceptional client lets you create something that looks great and bounces the competition OFF the shelf (see rollover at left). As the Z Factory team saw it – let the other guys waste their time, money and box space telling an informed audience that sweeteners can be added to coffee or tea. Instead, capitalize on the strength of your brand’s unique market advantage and take the swirl to monumental heights.

As a result, this great client/creative partnership allowed the debate to take place with a different set of rules: capture the consumer’s attention, then win their loyalty with superior taste.

Done and done.

at starbucksat starbucks


There’s this great coffee shop called Starbucks. I’ve heard rumors of other locations, but this one holds court inside Chicago’s design-haven Merchandise Mart. And it stocks a pretty sweet sweetener packet.

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