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It is a fairly common practice for creative people to get creative ideas completely unrelated to the creative projects that they might be currently working on. So what is a person supposed to do with this surplus creativity? Well, first – he or she mulls the idea over for anywhere between one week and five years. Then, he or she moves on to the next step –  vowing to act on it sometime during the next one week to five years.

Typeople has been knocking around Z Factory for quite a while now. It always got whatever time and energy was left over after all the other more important projects were safely under control (which is to say – little). But at a few important junctures during the course of 2010 and early 2011, it managed to jockey for some more genuine attention and became a line of products sold exclusively on Zazzle. (Use of clever-sounding marketing jargon: check.) And each part of every character is made from a letter, a number or a piece of punctuation. Seriously... just look closer. Manic? Perhaps. Don’t judge.

So within the ever-expanding collection, you’ll find a little green alien, a precocious little girl, and a swarthy-looking pirate. Basically, the cornerstones of any successful business. And they grace fully-customizable designs for t-shirts, postage, party invitations, birthday cards and more. Correction: the fully-customizable designs for any of YOUR future t-shirts, postage, party invitations, birthday cards and more.

See the full line of products on Zazzle.

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